RARE billet pulleys for Pontiacs—A New Option

Our new line of pulleys for Pontiacs is broad enough to cover nearly 20yrs of Poncho engines.

These are an easy addition to any engine…use your stock bracketry because we use stock groove off-sets. And we have created small crank “underdrive” pulleys that can be used with our billet or with your original pulleys to unleash 10 more horsepower to the rear wheels.

We machine these on our CNCs using 6061 billet aerospace aluminum. We have preserved the original contours, sizes and offsets…in black powdercoat they look exactly like the original stamped steel pulleys.

When polished, billet pulleys will add enough jazz under your hood to water your eyes. Their brilliant shine is protected with clear-coat that has high u-v resistance.

From a performance perspective, nothing spins more true than our dynamically manufactured - at 6,000 RPM! - pulleys. Aggressive belt grooves lock in your drive belts. This product offering gives you new options to finish off your engine to meet any taste for performance and originality.