Factory Headers....your best choice

Header Science and Sound Reasoning

Unique Performance Opportunity

Pontiac enthusiasts can attain significant performance improvement by upgrading their exhaust system's efficiency. This is the one area where "power output" is gained with an increase in gas mileage. Pontiac engineers recognized the opportunity first, over 40 years ago, with the introduction of "factory headers" in various configurations.

Like tube headers, "factory headers" have individual runners or tubes. This configuration ensures excellent exhaust scavenging from the engine and increases volumetric efficiency.......this translates to increases in torque and horsepower.

Unlike tube headers, "factory headers" are easy to install and maintain. When combined with a 2.5" system and an "X" crossover you have the "Ultimate" exhaust option for any "street" Pontiac. We manufacture our exhaust components for the performance enthusiasts as well as the purist looking for quality restoration parts.

Why choose Ram Air Restoration's products?

Innovation and Reliability....for 15 years we have been Pontiac enthusiasts focused on developing performance-improving exhaust componentry. Our castings are backed by "lifetime" warranty.

Exactness....to the restorer, our accurate original detail is appreciated. It is not an accident that our repro's are the most exact available. We received support from Pontiac which provided original blue prints for most of our products.

We Sell Direct....we don't sell thru distributors! 
They don't add value to our products.