Compare with Other Reproductions

We aren't the only manfacturer of reproduction exhaust components for Pontiacs but we are clearly the best…

While you can't get enhanced flow "factory headers" anywhere else, you can get stock configuration factory headers from distributors such as Year-One, Ames and Performance Years…they all handle the same product from another manufacturer which doesn't have the "attention to detail" that is put into RARE's products.

All RARE factory headers are port blueprinted...factory headers from anywhere else don't have RARE's quality & detail!

Comparison of RARE's flange with flange available from Year-One, Ames and Performance Years.  Theirs (left) have bulky corners and poor overall detail.  RARE flanges (right) are identical to original.and carry Lifetime warranty

For example: Our flanges are exact copies of the original Ram Air flange while the flanges available from these sources are bulky and have oversized corners and signal to the casual observer that it is a "repro of poor detail." Same is true with flanges for the Long Branch manifolds. Our flanges are made from hi-strength Ductile iron and don't need size increase to meet strength requirements. 

If you examine the Long branch manifolds these distributors( YO, PY and Ames) sell you'll see the bolt bosses on the LH are large, oversized cubes…not near correct and again, a clear signal that it is a poor repro. Our Long Branch bolt bosses as well as the rest of our manifold detail is exact as original. Our part numbers (casting numbers) have correct type,size and placement; theirs are way off!

"RARE's Long Branch factory headers have correctly configured bolt bosses.  Long Branch reproductions from anywhere else are incorrect." 

Ram Air factory headers…again, the product carried by most distributors pales in comparison to RARE's castings. Note (far right) the grossly oversized bolt boss on the collector of the manifold  that you would get from OPG,  Ames and some small vendors. It also has a large obstruction in the collector. The RARE unit (LEFT PHOTO) is identical to the efficient, original design.

  Also,   recent WEIGHT comparison of castings from Ames, Parts Place, Inline Tube, found their castings weigh 20% more than ours!!  That means SMALLER INTERNAL PORTS and more front end weight with competitors castings.  Totally unnecessary.